Nossa. O pó.

Venho me redimir com os leitores, depois de tanto tempo sem postar com (mais uma –‘) notícia de GTA Chinatown Wars (vamos chama-lo de GTA CW, certo?).

Com um post de título ambíguo, vamos à notícia:

Foi publicada uma notícia no DSFanboy, blog muito bom de DS, dizendo que em GTA CW será possível ser um traficante de drogas. Segue o texto original:

Rockstar’s Dan Houser has dropped a few deets on the upcoming DS game, GTA: Chinatown Wars. Following up what was in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, we now know the game will not only be following its mature roots (which means “Mature” rating), but Nintendo actually wanted Rockstar to make a mature game. They didn’t push for a family-friendly, tone down title on the handheld. So what’s all this drug dealing business about?

In this drug dealing minigame, players will be able to peddle six different types of narcotics and gain profit depending on how smart they are at selling. The “smart” selling (remember, kids: drugs are bad) comes in the form of recognizing market conditions, based on geographical location, and selling one of the six different types accordingly, with the aim being gaining the most profit possible. Confused? Well, basically, the game will tell you what drug is the most scarce and will fetch the highest price in any given terriroty, then all you have to do is sell accordingly.

Um resumo: o jogo será 18+, e você poderá vender diversos produtos. Seu sucesso depende de sua habilidade natural para o ofício.

Sinto cheiro de velhinhas gritando e xingando a R*...

Sinto cheiro de velhinhas gritando e xingando a R*...

Uma imagem maior. Precisava?

Uma imagem maior. Precisava?


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